Jense (ki-seki/youawakeinyourbed) abuser masterpost


I have recently come out as being sexually assaulted by Jense, a tumblr user actively involved in the social justice community, when we met a few months ago. After I came out about this, multiple people came forward about their own sexual/physical/emotional abuse suffered at Jense’s hands.

It is so important for the stories of the survivors to be shared and for this knowledge to be spread so that people can become aware of this and hopefully keep it from happening again. Jense has confessed to my assault. Here are screencaps:



Here are links to the accounts of all the other survivors that have come forward that I have been made aware of (if you know of any others or would like to be added to this post yourself, let me know):

Here, here, here, here, here, and here is my own account.

One of the above victims has been threatened by blackmail by someone who is possibly one of Jense’s parents/someone who knows Jense. Jense has also sent anonymous messages trying to discredit their victims. It is situations like these that make people feel like they cannot come forward with their stories. Hopefully this post will award people courage and reassure them that they are not alone. This type of behavior is unacceptable, especially for someone who claims to care so much about social justice issues. Please do not just ignore this information!!! Help me and the rest of these survivors get our voices heard.

Edit: I would like it to be known that Jense identifies as they/them and these recounts are from people from their past that knew them when they still identified as he/him.


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